For more intelligent, reliable

and energy-saving solutions

Embraco is leading the way once more, developing an integrated portfolio with electronic devices, all synchronized to increase performance, improve food preservation, reduce noise and decrease energy consumption.

Through the controller, fan, variable-speed compressor, and the YouControl development interface, all working together, it makes it easy to reach efficiency goals.

Sync it all during the development stage and have a better experience today and in the future.

Think ahead for an integrated future.

The future is connected

Embraco’s electronic devices together mean:


intelligence and energy efficiency

Total flexibility in equipment parameterization

Reduced approval time for new products

Lower energy consumption

Less noise

Built to give you

the control

Embraco Sync

Optimized the way you want.

The first generation of Embraco controller is designed to synchronize and optimize the entire system.

Adapting the operation according to the application needs.

Intuitive control for Embraco


Adaptive defrost

Adaptative door heater control

Low energy consumption

Fantastically flexible

Embraco Air

One single product, infinite possibilities.

Versatility and robustness for easy integration.

Full of possibilities

Compact, one-size-fits-all and flexible fixation

Single and multi speed settings in a single product

Better performance

Up to 70% of efficiency and low noise

Diverse Applications

Operating range from -40ºC to 60ºC


variable-speed technology:

tomorrow's game changer.

Automatic speed adjustment according to demand.

Variable-speed technology saves up to 45% of energy compared to fixed-speed, makes less noise and improves temperature stability.

The future


One single interface for faster development and integration.

Autonomous parameter setting reduces variable speed compressors' adjustment time from weeks to days.

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