The technology that saves energy, money and time.


Variable speed compressors deliver:

Higher energy efficiency

Lower consumption and lower operating cost.

High tolerance to voltage fluctuation

Constant operation and fewer failures.

Low noise and vibration

More comfort for users.

Faster temperature recovery

Products will cool down faster when loaded.

Temperature stability

Better food preservation.

Understanding the difference between conventional and variable-speed compressors

Conventional compressors can only operate at one fixed speed. They turn on at full speed when the temperature inside the refrigerated cabinet rises and off when it drops back below a threshold.

This poses technological limits to how much we can reduce:

  • Noise, since it's always at full speed when it's on;

  • Temperature variation inside the cabinet;

  • Energy consumption, because starting a motor requires a large amount of electric current.

Variable speed compressors (inverter), however, can adjust their capacity according to the cooling demand, thanks to the presence of an inverter, which is a smart electronic component that regulates the motor speed to keep the expected temperature inside the refrigerated cabinet.

This technology:

  • Reduces noise: after the temperature stabilizes, compressors will run at a lower rotation;

  • Saves energy: there is no frequent starting and stopping;

  • Keeps the temperature more stable.

Check the chart below to compare the behavior of a variable speed compressor and a conventional (on-off) one over time:

A real POWER saver

Recent case studies have shown that our variable speed compressors can reduce energy consumption by up to 42% when compared to a conventional compressor of equivalent displacement.

This is possible thanks to the inverter's ability to adjust the compressor’s speed to match the demand, avoiding the frequent starting and stopping cycles, which are very energy-demanding, as well as temperature highs and lows that end up wasting energy.

A real TIME saver

Variable speed compressors reduce pull-down time, which is how long it takes to restore the temperature after the door is opened or new products are loaded. This feature results in a much higher temperature stability, helping to keep products fresh for longer.

A real COST saver

The energy saving provided by the variable speed technology translates directly into lower operating costs, with an estimated payback time of 6 to 12 months to pay off the premium (price difference) that a variable speed has over a fixed speed compressor, depending on the application in which the product is installed. 

The temperature stability inherent to this technology also ensures better food preservation, reducing losses.

Additionally, because the inverter provides regulated tension to the motor, the entire system is much more tolerant to voltage fluctuation. A variable speed compressor will operate normally even under extreme voltage variations: from 70V to 260V. 

Because of that, this type of compressor is much more robust to operate in regions where the electricity supply is unstable, resulting in less food loss, less maintenance costs and no need for voltage stabilizers.

Get a deeper insight in this technology

with Embraco experts

Are variable speed compressors actually expensive and difficult to adopt?

Watch our specialists address these misconceptions and make it clear why variable speed solutions are a real energy, time and cost saver.

Check out these case studies showing the impressive results, in performance and efficiency, of Embraco's variable speed compressors:

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Embraco quality and reliability for variable speed

Developed by experts, with know-how accumulated since 1971, Embraco variable speed compressors use advanced motor technology, control algorithms and components that allow for high precision speed control, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency in a wide range of operating conditions. They are designed with Embraco’s renowned robustness that ensures reliable operation, even in harsh environments.

Our compressors come in a wide range of cooling capacities and refrigerants, making them suitable for a variety of applications, from residential appliances to the whole spectrum of cooling equipment used in all segments of commercial refrigeration, such as food retail, food service, medical and scientific, as well as merchandisers.

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